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“To Contribute to the customers’ business expansion by resolving the customers’ business challenges with the power of IT” ― we at CEC think that is the critical mission we should achieve. We promise to “always think first of customers’ business”, and provide the most optimal services that meet each customer’s needs.

IT Lifecycle Management Services


  • Construct and operate IT platforms that enable customers to rapidly deploy their businesses in the most optimal ways to match the needs of the age.
  • Provide IT services that satisfy customers such as multi-vendor/multi-platform systems integration services and expertise accumulated by decades of years of experience as an independent IT service vendor, ITIL*-based systems operation services and outsourcing services taking full advantages of 5 data centers inside Japan. Systems Integration Services

■IT Management Services
■Data Center Services
■Cloud Services
■Virtualization Services

* ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a set of concepts and practices for managing IT services (ITSM), IT development and IT operations, and now has become the international de facto standard. The names “ITIL” and “IT Infrastructure Library” are registered trademarks of the United Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC).

Systems Solution Services

PROSES(* Pofessional System Effective Solution)

  • Provide various systems solutions in relation to “Enterprise Growth”, “Corporate Governance”, “Ecological Solutions” and “Network Solutions”.

■Enterprise Growth Solution Services
■Corporate Governance Solution Services
■Ecological Solution Services
■Network Solutions Services

Systems Development Services


  • With taking advantage of business-oriented know-how and specialized IT technology know-how accumulated by customized software development businesses for various industries such as automotive, manufacturing, financial, ICT and service industries, we develop application programs that help customers to promote business and raise business efficiency in the most optimal way.
  • We also provide systems integration services for new business areas such as healthcare, production logistics and car electronics areas.

■Healthcare Information Systems Construction Services
■Production and Logistic Process Improvement Services
■Information Systems Development Services for Car Electronics
■Customized Software Development Services

Third Party Verification Services

PROVEQ(* PROfessional VErification for higher Quality)

  • Provide solutions to secure high quality and high reliability under the service name of “PROVEQ, a service for securing safety and security”.

■Diagnostic Services
■Verification and Certification Services
■Quality Assurance Systems Support Services