Medium-Term Management Plan

The Group has been reviewing the next medium-term management plan to further develop the results of our second medium-term management plan "PROMINENT," covering the three-year period from the fiscal year ended January 2019 to the fiscal year ended January 2021. However, we have decided to postpone the announcement of the next plan, judging that a reconsideration is necessary in response to the changes in the new business environment due to the spread of COVID-19 and the Group's business conditions. In the current fiscal year, the Group will continue with its basic policies and various measures stipulated in the second medium-term management plan, "PROMINENT," and focus on expanding the scale of our business while maintaining high business efficiency.

In April 2021, CEC announced the mid-term management plan called PROMINENT.

Basic Policy

"Making Strengths Even Stronger, Thoroughly Stronger"

  • Improve the business efficiency further (keeping the operating profit ratio and ordinary income ratio above 10%)
  • Consolidate our businesses into two groups and make them prominent as distinct businesses
  • Promote M&A for the focused business areas and accelerate the business expansion
  • Acquire and maintain skilled IT professionals